Horizon LIMS

Horizon LIMS is your best option.

Why is HORIZON one of the top 10 LIMS software? Designed by lab managers, HORIZON is a robust, affordable LIMS software platform built to configure and integrate with every kind of lab.

A laboratory information management system is too important to be an afterthought. It’s too important to be outdated. There’s a better choice. HORIZON LIMS, designed by and for its users.


Easily integrated and fully configurable, HORIZON can adapt to any existing systems your lab currently has in place. We designed HORIZON to transition seamlessly with existing workflows, ensuring minimal disruption and quick implementation. HORIZON delivers results that you can see immediately.

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Our intuitive interface is supported by a team of problem solvers. HORIZON was designed by lab professionals, so we understand what you need to deliver results. HORIZON is backed by expert support and implementation teams committed to keeping your system running smoothly now and into the future.

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Grows as you grow. HORIZON anticipates the technology changes of the future, which is why no customer has ever outgrown our LIMS. Other labs need to replace their LIMS every 5-7 years. Our clients easily upgrade to our new versions, allowing them to benefit from our new features and expansive expertise.

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