Horizon FAQS

Horizon FAQS

HORIZON assembled a list of questions we are often asked in regards to our LIMS and HORIZON. Please see the list below and do not hesitate to email us directly for any clarification:

An efficient, configurable, secure and cost-effective solution to transform your lab. HORIZON LIMS will change the way you collect, sample, process and provide results. From simple data entry to analysis, HORIZON will ensure every facet of your lab’s operations work more effectively than ever before.

What is LIMS?

A lab informatics tool; LIMS is an acronym for laboratory information management system. Depending on the laboratory, some refer to it as a laboratory information system (LIS software) or a laboratory management system (LMS). LIMS is software engineered to gain efficiencies in lab workflow, data collection and analysis, lab sample tracking, reporting, and overall lab operations. It is typically deployed as either a Cloud solution or on-premise installation.

Is HORIZON only for large laboratories?

With PaaS, SaaS, and user-hosted options available, we serve laboratories of all sizes—from staff sizes of five to more than 1000. All labs can benefit from HORIZON LIMS.

Can the HORIZON LIMS handle my lab sample tracking volume?

Yes. We have several clients who push more than 70,000 samples per day with HORIZON lab management software. HORIZON’s robust platform can handle whatever you throw at it.

I need lab management software that works for multiple locations. Does HORIZON scale for labs in multiple locations?

Absolutely. We offer several options for working with multiple-site laboratories.

Does HORIZON use Oracle or SQL server?

HORIZON is exclusively an Oracle application. Oracle delivers the best degree of security for your data when it is at rest and in motion. Oracle also offers a RDMS that can easily handle large amounts of data, allowing better options for scale.

Isn’t Oracle more expensive?

No, not with HORIZON. The HORIZON and Oracle partnership was architected to benefit you. As a HORIZON customer, you gain access to an Oracle database for pennies on the dollar compared to what you would pay on the open market.

What types of laboratories can the HORIZON LIMS work with?

HORIZON is flexible and scalable, serving a variety of lab markets. We work with municipal, environmental, agricultural, toxicology and public health laboratories to name a few. Contact us to discuss your market and specific needs in detail.

Is HORIZON right for clinical lab management software?

Yes. HORIZON has many clinical laboratory partners, both commercial and public health.

Does HORIZON work for genetics testing?

Yes. Many of our laboratory partners manage genetic workflows in HORIZON, mostly related to Pharmacogenomics (PGx), but other testing is successfully conducted with HORIZON as well.

Does HORIZON integrate with forensic toxicology lab equipment?

Yes. HORIZON manages all the special needs of a forensic toxicology laboratory, from critical chain of custody to litigation data packages.

How does HORIZON compare regarding LIMS Configuration?

HORIZON is one of the most configurable LIMS platforms available. We pride ourselves on offering a very complete, flexible and configurable LIMS that grows with your lab.

Can I create and modify my own reports?

Yes. Out-of-the-box reports are standard, but you can also configure reporting to align with your specific needs. It is easy to edit, modify and create custom reports. The HORIZON support team is available to assist with reporting if needed.

Will I be able to integrate my instruments?

Yes. HORIZON is an all-one lab instrument interface software solution, allowing for comprehensive integration.

Is HORIZON a Cloud-Based LIMS?

Yes. HORIZON has several deployment options to best fit your needs.

Which cloud hosting options are available?

We offer both SaaS and PaaS with multiple options. We will be happy to discuss which option fits your needs.

Is HORIZON client-server or web-based?

HORIZON has been web-based and a true thin-client for 10 years. It is a .NET application using IIS.

How secure is HORIZON’s Cloud option?

HORIZON and its datacenter partner are both SOC 2 Type 2 certified and compliant.

How much does HORIZON cost?

Cost varies based on the number of LIMS users and specific laboratory needs. As no two laboratories are identical, no two LIMS requirements are either.

Can I purchase HORIZON through a distributor?

No, HORIZON LIMS is sole-sourced through HORIZON Lab Systems.

Can I purchase HORIZON from GSA (General Services Administration)?

Yes. This is a great way to get a superior LIMS without the immense effort of an RFP or RFQ process. HORIZON holds an Indefinite Delivery Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract (formerly a GSA Schedule 70). This is an IT procurement vehicle designed to offer a comprehensive array of IT products, services, and solutions.