Toxicology & Pain Management Labs

Toxicology & Pain Management Labs

A Scalable Solution Perfect for Toxicology Labs

The practice of toxicology covers a wide swath of disciplines and specialties including aquatic, clinical or diagnostic, drug treatment, environmental, forensics, and pain management. The most prevalent types are drug testing and pain management laboratories. Toxicology labs may be a commercial standalone, an in-house facility as found in many hospitals or attached as a health facility department operated by a state or municipality.

For clinical toxicology laboratories, testing is focused on identifying drugs and other chemicals within the blood, urine, saliva, or other bodily fluids either as qualitative, quantitative, or confirmation testing. The drugs tested for may be swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin or mucous membrane. Reported clinical data must comply with HL7 standards.

The use of a LIMS for toxicology laboratories is now imperative. The sensitivity of the information gathered, the reporting requirements as well the need to process large amounts of samples with precision all dictate a proper, and effective system is in place.

HORIZON has spent decades addressing the needs of toxicology laboratories across the US and abroad. HORIZON offers unparalleled abilities to streamline workflows, eliminate errors, and automate instrument downloads all while meeting industry standards and regulations for the toxicology and forensic toxicology laboratory.

HORIZON offers clients the ability to choose the LIMS solution that works, whether that be an on-premise solution or in the cloud, with a variety of administrative and technical support options available.