Your System Your Way

Implementation and Onboarding as easy as 1, 2, 3

HORIZON is easily configurable to match any deployment requirements. We can install it and leave management and operations to your team, or we can host it on our servers and conduct all management from our end. The decision is up to you. No matter what you decide is right for your lab you are still guaranteed to get the same cutting edge HORIZON product and support team.

Once you decide which delivery option is best for your lab, our team will guide you through the entire implementation process. Our staff has years of experience working in labs, so we understand your challenges. With industry experts designing your solution, you can be assured that your implementation will go smoothly. Collaborating with our team is easy – we know what questions to ask and can help you create a solution to fit your unique needs.

Our cloud. Your
servers. You Decide.

Hosting Options


HORIZON LIMS hosted provides a platform that gives your lab the support and security of our entire team, while still delivering a system fully configured to your needs. Software updates and upgrades are pushed to your lab by our team, alleviating the burden of conducting them on premises. The flexibility of hosting allows your staff to focus on the business of running a lab and leaves the LIMS infrastructure to us.

Purchase the software outright or pay as you go. In either case, you eliminate costly upfront and ongoing hardware purchases, as well as the need for additional internal staff to install and maintain the systems.

Hosting also allows you to determine how much LIMS administration your team wants to perform. The LIMS Administration responsibilities can be kept within your team, completed by the HORIZON team, or shared across the two.

Securely hosting HORIZON in the cloud delivers the best level of control and value.


Some labs prefer to manage their own LIMS operations. We offer this traditional option as well. Our team can implement the HORIZON solution in your lab. Once installed, your staff can manage and configure your system with the confidence knowing your dedicated support team is always readily accessible.

Professional Services

LIMS Requirement Analysis

Our deep expertise in a variety of industries means we know what your lab needs, inside and out. Our team will work with you to spec your LIMS so that you can streamline operations and gain efficiencies.


Once your LIMS is up and running, we continue to offer the best support for as long as you need. Our support is tailored to both system administrator and staff needs – from implementation and beyond.

Systems Integration

With HORIZON, your data integration capabilities are infinite. We can help you configure a LIMS that integrates anything your lab needs to work efficiently – saving time and boosting accuracy.

Premium Support

Our Help Desk offers ongoing technical support and assistance on all licensed software. A Managed Services option is also available to support your LIMS administrator.