Transfer Your Lab

Centralize Your Workflow With the HORIZON Laboratory Information Management System

An efficient, configurable, secure and cost-effective solution to transform your lab. HORIZON LIMS will change the way you collect, sample, process and provide results. From simple data entry to analysis, HORIZON will ensure every facet of your lab’s operations work more effectively than ever before.

Our lab information management system is backed by industry experts dedicated to supporting your system every step of the way. Our passionate staff are here to guide you from implementation to go live and beyond. We learn your lab’s needs and install a system designed for you.


Featuring configurability, reporting and data integration, HORIZON supports the need for operational efficiency. Implementing HORIZON LIMS is like adding a full-time employee for a fraction of the cost.


Works seamlessly with industry-specific reporting and third-party data integrations to meet client specifications. Our solution is reliable, offers streamlined workflows and ensures user efficiency.


Helps you confidently meet regulatory reporting and quality standards. Our reporting capabilities enable visibility, stability and traceability of test results, promoting sense of security and reliability.

Every Lab is Different

HORIZON’s custom features make it the LIMS of choice; meeting any challenge your lab encounters. From the samples you test to the way you operate, each lab has unique features that make them great at what they do.

Designed to configure and integrate with every kind of lab, HORIZON understands that some labs have more advanced needs.

Looking for a Laboratory Information System?

Are you in need of a tool to streamline and optimize patient data and test results? HORIZON’s compliant, flexible solution is engineered for all labs, including hospital and commercial. Schedule your demo and learn why HORIZON is the LIS of choice for clinical labs across the country.

Over 95% Of Horizon
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One Additional Feature

Going Above & Beyond with Configurable, Integrable Features


Enhance your lab with a self-service web portal for your customers. With HORIZON LabOnline, your customers can quickly and conveniently view their samples, query data and generate reports in real-time.


Scrap outdated ways of working for the ultimate LIMS data collection, traceability and knowledge-sharing tool. HORIZON Logbook replaces cumbersome paper logbooks and worksheets for good. Map sample custody, equipment and consumables tracking records, providing direct traceability from quality management system-related output.


Put the power of HORIZON in the hands of the sample collectors who need it. By enabling collectors to gather and store their data in remote locations without network connectivity, HORIZON Field lets you take the LIMS with you wherever you go.

HORIZON Instrument Integration

Instrument integration is one of the most important components of a laboratory automation plan. Quick to install and easy to use, our software is built for maximum automation with minimum footprint enabling you to get new instruments quickly integrated into your system with minimal operational interruption.


Create custom reports to meet your lab’s needs. HORIZON Report lets you create analytical, financial, operational and other reports unique to your specific lab.