About Us

About Us

HORIZON Lab Systems, LLC was incorporated on 8/31/1987 under the name ChemWare, LLC by Sharyn Brunk. The HORIZON LIMS was released to the open market in 1991. The Dohmen Corporation, now Dohmen Company Foundation, wholly acquired ChemWare in December of 2014. ChemWare, LLC changed its name to HORIZON Lab Systems, LLC in 2019.

HORIZON evolved from a DOS based system in 1987 into a .NET based system that allows for full laboratory automation and integration with the ability to go paperless. While automation and paperless initiatives dominated the LIMS space in prior years, most recent initiatives have focused on LIMS integration with billing systems, EMRs, EHRs and other third-party software that allows the laboratory to provide a seamless and quick response to all incoming/outgoing samples and orders.

The HORIZON LIMS is one of the only commercially available LIMS that may operate as both sample-centric and batch-centric, making it ideal for use in the Public Health Laboratory Sector where it can be used across the entire laboratory. HORIZON is sold into environmental, agricultural, cannabis, clinical, pain management, forensic toxicology, and Public Health Laboratories both domestically and abroad.

HORIZON’s team is largely (>80%) comprised of professionals with direct laboratory experience. HORIZON LIMS is solely sold and supported by HORIZON Lab Systems directly, without employing outside contractors. All staff are full time employees of HORIZON. All staff members have undergone HIPAA training and maintain certification.

HORIZON Lab System’s home office is located at 8601 Six Forks Rd., Suite 160, Raleigh, N.C. 27615. Various employees work remotely, spread across the US, with approximately half the staff residing in the Raleigh, NC area.

In January 2022 HORIZON Lab Systems became part of the CliniSys Group.