Water Quality Testing & Wastewater Labs

Water Quality Testing & Wastewater Labs

Getting the Most (and the Best) From Your Wastewater & Water Testing Labs

Within the US, the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act ensures the quality and handling of municipal waters throughout the national systems. Both water treatment facilities and potable water systems face increased scrutiny for compliance with regulations as well as ever-increasing demands. To keep pace with increased demands and to ensure compliance, water, and wastewater laboratories are increasingly leaning on LIMS to meet these pressures.

HORIZON Lab Systems has more than thirty years of experience facilitating regulatory compliance in multiple industries including environmental and water/wastewater. The HORIZON LIMS will help laboratories meet or exceed the requirements of NELAC/ELAP, Safe Drinking Water Act, UCMR Approval Program, Drinking Water Laboratory Program, CALA, ISO 17025 and/or various provincial and state municipal requirements. HORIZON offers a complete LIMS solution for water/wastewater laboratories with unmatched flexibility and scalability.

HORIZON walks the sample from pre-log/sampling through the analytical process to reporting and final disposal. Quality control is integral at every step, ensuring all sampling and analytical methodologies are followed, ultimately producing an unbroken record with all sample details, notes, and results. Where possible, automation of instrument imports is integrated to yield time savings and best ensure quality by eliminating human error. Reporting, no matter via email, web portals such as HORIZON’s LabOnline, or EDD, is handled within the LIMS as a central hub for full traceability.

HORIZON LIMS offers the ultimate solution to water and wastewater laboratories as it is a solution that continues to grow and update. HORIZON is a LIMS for life.